Dove Gospel – Multinational

Authored by: Dove Gospel – Group

Dove Gospel – Multinational, commonly referred to as Dove Gospel – International or Dove Gospel (DG), is a Fundamental Pentecostal movement founded by James Hughes and Alex Joyce.

With the initial launching of the Pennant Hills Campus, DG’s first church later moved to their flagship location of Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW Australia.

Dove Gospel – Multinational is a network collective of churches and affiliates of over 8,000 registered entities that are covered by Dove Gospel – Network.


  1. History
  2. Network Structure
    • Organizational Chart
    Dove Gospel – Multinational
    Location Worldwide
    Denomination Fundamental Pentecostalism
    Founded October 2013

    James Hughes

    Alex Joyce

    1. History

    The early movement of Fundamental Pentecostalism is shown throughout the teaching and guidance of Jesus Christ and the original apostles in the Holy Bible. Stemming from the early church Fundamental Pentecostalism is the formal acknowledgement and application of the work and teaching of Jesus Christ and the original apostles being applied to the modern day church.

    Dove Gospel – Multinational was birthed with the formation and need of managing the denomination Fundamental Pentecostalism and was birthed with the forming of Dove Gospel – Group/Dove Gospel – Multinational in October 2013.

    2. Network Structure

     So that the management of each departmental area of Dove Gospel – Multinational can operate under the guidance of expertise in the field that the section is dedicated to the establishing and maintaining, Dove Gospel – Multinational is broken up into numerous subsidiaries in order to ensure expert matter management can be applied.

    3. Organizational Chart

     This organizational chart offers the foundational structure of Dove Gospel – Multinational with an additional Departmental Authority in which directors lead our subsidiaries.