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Dove Gospel – Church, subsidiary to Dove Gospel – Multinational is the primary point of entity registration for religious organizations, religious churches and operated under the governance of Dove Gospel – Regional by the elected regional board of directors.

With each registration being broken up into continental authority, each continent contains a Regional Director with whom holds the authority of patriarch to operate under the continent elected.

All Dove Gospel – Regional directors report to their elected Mrp. Patriarch with whom holds an authority under Dove Gospel – Multinational for the discretion and transparency of operations.

Secondary to Dove Gospel – Church is the operation is Dove Gospel – Care Team, a worldwide team responsible for managing the basic pastoral needs of the church on a twenty four by seven rotation.


  1. History
  2. Regional Chart(s)

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Dove Gospel – Group
Location Worldwide
Denomination Fundamental Pentecostalism
Founded October 2013
Founder(s) Dove Gospel – Multinational

1. History

Dove Gospel – Church was formed in 2013 as a point of primary reference to the operations of Dove Gospel – Multinational and it’s associated religious registrations. It was decided by Emc. James Hughes that each continent receive a patriarch elected in order to run the country or countries in which the individual has direct influence of the development and establishing of the many congregations and senior and secondary leadership.

2. Regional Chart(s)

With each continent or continents having an elected Patriarch, we ensure that all registrations, bylaws and necessary registrations are approved and current under the direct report of our Multinational Authority of Dove Gospel – Multinational. As a direct result we have multiple Regional Authorities dependent on the Patriarch with whom operates those continents in accordance to our structure and governance provided under the elect.




Regional Charts are currently being developed for the purpose of this Wiki page.

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